Chu Tung-p'o Hsien-sheng Shih (Annotated Poetry of Su Tung-p'o)

Tags: poetry | rare books | Song dynasty

This book (註東坡先生詩) is an edition made by the Huai-Dong office in the 6th year of the Song Dynasty’s Jia-ding period (1213). Many famous people have stamped their respective seals and written inscriptions on each volume of the book. It is one of the best works from the Song Dynasty. In the last year of Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty, this book caught fire; fortunately, it was saved but suffered burned marks. There are handwritten inscriptions from more than 70 persons including Weng Fanggang (翁方綱), Yi Bingshou (伊秉綬), Li Wenzao (李文藻), Weng Tongshu (翁同書), and Jiang Shiquan(蔣士銓). The book is listed as a national treasure.

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