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Acting President Li Tsung-jen Arrived in Taiwan

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On July 27, 1949, Acting President Li Tsung-jen flew from Fu-Chou to Taipei to inspect Taiwan for the first time. Chen Cheng, the Provincial Governor of Taiwan, as well as representatives from various sectors all came to the airport to welcome Li. Chiang Kai-shek, the Director-General of KMT, was also present. Acting President Li's official aircraft landed at Taipei Songshan Airport. Li stepped out the door and was welcomed by soldiers and civilians of the province. He then accepted a bouquet of flowers from a young child and, accompanied by Governor Chen, inspected the honor guard. On July 28, a welcome ceremony was held in Zhongshan Hall. With Governor Chen and Speaker of the Taiwan Provincial Council, Huang Chao-chin, Li stepped out of the balcony of Zhongshan Hall to receive cheers from the crowd. Acting President Li said, “I am sincerely happy to see that fellow citizens of the Province are healthy and in hearty spirit. I hope that, under the leadership of Governor Chen, you will all strive to build Taiwan so that you will enjoy a better life.” Acting President Li stayed in Taiwan for three days and consulted with Director-General Chiang several times to discuss national affairs. On July 30, Li completed his inspection activities in Taiwan and bade farewell to the crowd who was there to see him off. He shook hands with and said goodbye to local elites as well as civil and military officials before boarding the plane. Successfully completed his inspection activities, Acting President Li flew back to Guangzhou.


Acting President Li Tsung-jen Arrived in Taiwan


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