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Taiwan Province Expo

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On October 25, 1948, the first Taiwan Province Expo was held at the square in front of the Southeast Senior Officers Office in Taipei. Many glamorous exhibition halls were built, displaying multifarious contents and drawing huge crowds of visitors. It was quite a spectacular scene. The organizers noted that the purpose of holding this exposition was to show how Taiwan had progressed in the political, economic, social, educational, and cultural aspects since its retrocession. By visiting the Expo, all residents of the province could get a grasp on the objectives of Government's policy and the achievements from the collective effort of all citizens. On the opening day of the Expo, the crowd packed the halls; people enthusiastically participated in the event. The Governor of Taiwan Province, Wei Tao-Ming, and other provincial officers all came to visit. Governor Wei toured each exhibition hall and paid close attention to its exhibit. He praised the Expo staff for their hard work. Sugar was one of Taiwan's major agricultural products. The post-war Taiwan was trying to develop electric power equipments in order to engage in industrial production to develop its economy. The coal reserves were abundant in northern Taiwan and were mined in large quantities to meet the needs of the market, contributing to the development of industries. Camphor was a special product of Taiwan and a major source of export earnings. Wave after wave of people packed the exhibition halls, witnessing the grand first Expo after the retrocession of Taiwan. In the post-war era, almost all of the industrial equipments were destroyed in Taiwan and the citizens had to rebuild from ruins. By working together in difficult situations, they gradually restored Taiwan’s industrial productions and their performances exceeded expectations. The exposition also presented some contents of the Sino-Japan War so that people in Taiwan could learn the ambition of Japan's invasion as well as the contribution of President Chiang Kai-shek in leading the war effort. In the Education Hall, a visitor could easily understand the outcome of the Government's national education policy. There were fireworks that evening. The sky was lit by a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors and light. The first Taiwan Province Expo was celebrated by tens of thousands of people. It brought new information to them and also demonstrated the achievements of Taiwan's economic development.


Taiwan Province Expo


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