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Taiwan Held Its First County Magistrate Exam

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After the retrocession of Taiwan, local self-government policy was actively promoted. In 1948, in order to recruit talents, Taiwan Province held its first county magistrate examination. Highly-skilled professionals and elites from all regions participated in the exam. Wei Tao-Ming, the Provincial Governor of Taiwan, personally inspected the test site. All of the examinees there, in an orderly manner, were focused on answering the questions. In addition to the written tests, there were interviews conducted to test examinees’ eloquence and quick-witted response, and to evaluate their comprehension of and attitudes toward serving the people. On the day of the announcement of the qualified examinees, a grand ceremony was held. Led by a band, the staff brought the list to the designated location. They then put it up high so the crowd could view it. These nominated county magistrates and city mayors were the elites of the time; they would shoulder the heavy responsibility of serving the people.


Taiwan Held Its First County Magistrate Exam


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