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The Opening of Chu-Tung Railway

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On November 15, 1947, an opening ceremony was held marking the completion of the Chu-Tung railway. A train, covered with ribbons, arrived at the Hsin-Chu train station. This is a day of happiness. All the people in Hsin-Chu gleefully celebrated the opening of the Chu-Tung railway which begins at the Hsin-Chu station and ends at Chu-Tung. The train slowly started; everyone was getting excited too. The rail which Hsin-Chu people had anticipated for a long time finally completed. It starts at Hsin-Chu, passes through Chu-Chung and a tunnel, and arrives at Chu-Tung. Along the route, there were beautiful countryside sceneries dotted with villages. Between Chu-Chung and Chu-Tung, the train passes through a tunnel; the building of the tunnel was quite an arduous task. The train arrived at the Chu-Tung station which was packed with welcoming crowd. It slowly drove in, witnessing a landmark of railway history. The local people were excited and the scene was a moving portrait of happiness. A ceremony was held in the square before the train station. Local Hsinchu people thanked the Government for assisting in building the Chu-Tung railway to benefit the county. Chu-Tung area is rich in timber, bamboo, and tea; its agricultural resources and coal reserves are also abundant. The opening of the railway will facilitate the transportation of agricultural and industrial products, and the ease of transportation will drive industrial and economy prosperity. Chu-Tung, the mountain town, is entering a new era after the opening of the Chu-Tung railway.


The Opening of Chu-Tung Railway


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