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The Assembly to Celebrate Taiwan Province’s 2nd Retrocession Day

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On October 25, 1947, the elite of Taiwan Province gathered at Taipei's Zhongshan Hall to celebrate the province’s 2nd Annual Retrocession Day. Mr. Chang Qun, Premier of the Executive Yuan, came to the assumbly and was welcomed warmly. The doves of peace were released and flew around the plaza to crowd’s cheers. In the speech that he gave at the meeting, Premier Chang said, “President Chiang led the countrymen in the war against Japan for eight years. After Japan surrendered unconditionally, Taiwan returned to its motherland. Today, we are implementing local self-government policy here and working hard to expand economic development. I hope that everyone will join the efforts in building up Taiwan, improving people's lives, and establishing a peaceful and happy society.” Following the meeting, a parade was held and the procession stretched several kilometers. The streets of Taipei became crowded and people were excited. Taiwan Province’s Retrocession Day is a memorable day. We must work harder to develop Taiwan and make it prosper so that all the people can live in an affluent and content society. In addition to the parade, there were folk arts activities such as stilts-walking, ox-plow dance, etc. The 2nd Annual Retrocession Day was jubilantly celebrated in Taiwan Province.


The Assembly to Celebrate Taiwan Province’s 2nd Retrocession Day


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