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Secretary of Defense Pai Chung-Hsi Visited the Military Forts

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On March 12, 1947, the Central Government sent Minister of Defense Pai Chung-Hsi to visit Taiwan. He first reviewed garrison forces and then the military forts near Keelung. Minister Pai expressed solicitude to soldiers for their hard work. He also instructed them to comply with disciplines and ensure Taiwan's safety. Minister Pai rode a transport ship to inspect Keelung Harbor. He inquired in details about harbor facilities and operating conditions, and was deeply impressed by Keelung Harbor's natural beauty. He then toured the headquarters of the Navy’s 3rd Base, encouraged the officers and soldiers there to stand firmly at their posts and maintain port security, and praised them for striving despite hardships in the difficult environment. When Minister Pai arrived at the Keelung train station, there was already a big welcoming crowd. He said that he came to Taiwan at the instructions of the Central Government and the most important thing is for him to comprehend Taiwan's current status of defense in order to strengthen military protection to ensure safety


Secretary of Defense Pai Chung-Hsi Visited the Military Forts


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