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Inaugural Ceremony of Taiwan Provincial Council Meeting

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On May 1, 1946, the Taiwan Provincial Council held an inauguration ceremony and its first meeting. Huang Chao-Chin and Lee Wan-chu were elected as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker, respectively. After the meeting, a photo was taken with all the Council members. Speaker Huang Chao-Chin addressed the Council. He said, “Taiwan was ceded to Japan after the Sino-Japanese War. During the 50 years of Japanese rule, the people of Taiwan were not allowed to participate in politics and had to live under colonization. President Chiang Kai-shek led the war against Japan for eight years and finally achieved the victory. Taiwan returned to the motherland; the whole country rejoiced. In order to implement democracy, the Government set up the Council. I hope that all council members will fully develop the Council’s functions to serve the people. We should also cooperate in accordance with government policies so that we can strive together for the welfare of fellow citizens of this province and lay a fine foundation for Taiwan's democracy."


Inaugural Ceremony of Taiwan Provincial Council Meeting


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