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Pinnately Compound Plants Garden

Tags: garden | pinnate | plant

Pinnate is a term used to describe feather-like or many-divided features arising from both sides of a common axis in plant structure. Once-divided leaf blades having leaflets arranged on both sides of a rachis are pinnately compound leaves. Pinnately-compound leaves in which leaflets are born in pairs along the rachis without a single terminal leaflet. There are variety pinnately-compound plants in this area, such as: Sapindaceae, Anacardiaceae, Aceraceae, Rutaceae…etc.


Pittosporum pentandrum (Blanco) Merr. Sauchezia nobilis Hook. f.
Bauhinia championii Beath Koelreuteria henryi Dummer


Taipei Botanical Garden (TPBG), Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.