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Best Wishes to Your Family (He Jia Huan Le)

Tags: blessing | print

This is a piece of decorative painting used on doors. The background of the painting is based on the patterns of xi (double happiness) and zi sun wan dai (endless generations of offspring). There are three children in the painting. The middle one spreads out a scroll with both hands, which reads he jia huan le (best wishes to your family). Behind him is a yao qian shu (money tree), on which marked the phrase si ji ping an (safe and well throughout the four seasons). In front of him is a treasure-filled treasure pot, which bears the expression guo tai min an (country in prosperity, people in peace). The child on the left and on the right each holds a plate of gold and silver ingots. The inscriptions on the painting demonstrate the traditional Chinese thinking of “When families are harmonious, the world will be in peace.” This is a colorful and attractive decorative painting, which, when pasted in a chamber during the Chinese New Year, is conducive to a jubilant air.

49.5 x32 cm

National Museum of History