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The Three Stars Are Seen from the Door

Tags: blessing | print

The painting show five figures: the Three Stars: Fu, Lu, Shou (luck, prosperity, and longevity) and two attendant children. The middle one, who holds a ruyi (traditional ornament signifying good fortune) in one hand and an ingot in the other, is the heavenly officer, Fu (luck). The one on the right, who carries a staff and a birthday peach, is the Longevity Star, Shou. The one on the left, who holds a ruyi, is the Prosperity Star, Lu. The child in the back is holding a fan while the child in the front holds an edict with both hands. The proverb, san xing zai hu (The Three Stars are seen from the door), came from the Book Of Poetry. Originally the Three Stars denotes the Heart Star of the Seven Stars. Later san xing zai hu is used to pray for the presence in a house the Three Stars of luck, prosperity, and longevity. This decorative painting is used on doors.


51 x32 cm

National Museum of History