One Family, Five Blessings

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The upper portion of the painting bears the words: yi men wu fu (one family, five blessings). The green backdrop encompasses patterns of bats, cranes, and gourds, which represent “manifold blessings,” “great longevity,” and “innumerable posterity,” respectively. The painting presents three children. The middle one carries a ruyi (traditional ornament signifying good fortune) on which hangs a chime stone, meaning “auspicious celebration and fulfilled wishes.” The child standing on the right is holding a vase, which is homonymous with the character for peace. The vase contains sweet osmanthus flowers and a peony, representing “rank and wealth.” The child on the left holds a plate brimming with treasures. The painting is used to decorate doors during Chinese New Year for blessings; every pattern on it is auspicious. (The five blessings are auspicious celebration, fulfilled wishes, wellness and safety, rank, and wealth.)

49.5 x32 cm

National Museum of History