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Earthenware in human shape (陶偶)

Tags: earthenware | figurine


The earthenware in human shape was excavated in the Shih Sang Hang site. The left ear and arm have already lost. Even the whole figure are imperfect, we can still observe that this earthenware was carefully made through its patterns and other features of the human body. Facial features are clear. Archaeologists speculate that the the Shih Sang Hang people had the custom of piercing their ears because of the pierced and extremely large ear lobe of the earthenware. The figure of the head was shaped like a plate with long strips of earth. The human is waving with the right arm and the posture of this earthenware is similar to the traditional Paiwan wooden carvings.

Archaeologists suggest that the left arm is in the same posture. There is still a necklace clearly painted around the neck.


Location:Shih San Hang site, Pali, Taipei county, Taiwan.

Era: 2000~400 B.P