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Insect taxonomists in Taiwan IV

Tags: insect | taxonomist



Kwei-Shui Lin 1921~2002

Lin devoted his life on insect taxonomy. He could identify most agricultural insects to genus level. He mastered taxonomy of Chalacididae and Brocanidae. He published “A list of natural enemies of insect pests” and “A list of pests of fruit plants from Taiwan and Mainland China”. Both books make the great contribution to plant protection of Taiwan.


Liang-Yih Chou 1949~2000

Chou devoted his life in taxonomy of Brocanidae, Agaonidae, and other parasitic wasps. He had curated and identfied specimens at the TARI for a long period of time. He also spent time in biological control. However, it was such a pity that he died at the age of only 50.

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