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Flies have mesothoracic wings and metathoracic halteres, including mosquitoes, midges and gnats. Many are of agricultural, medical, sanitary or environmental importance. For example, fruit flies and melon flies are important pests of cultivated plants. Mosquitoes are serious pests of humans and animals. Some syrphids are important predators of various insect pests. Flower hovers help pollinate useful plants. Many species feed during the larval stage in decaying plant or animal matter and play a role in the ecosystem. The world fauna consist of about 85 thousand species. In Taiwan there are more than 2800 species. More than 85 thousand specimens are deposited at the TARI.


Liriomyza huidobrensis Blanchard Liriomyza sative Blanchard Bactrocera dorsalis Handel


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