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Hehe Erxian (The Two Gods of Love)

Tags: blessing | Han Shan | Hehe Erxian | print | Shi De

Han Shan and Shi De were monks and good friends in the Zhenguan Period of Tang Dynasty. The Chinese characters for “harmony and good union” as a phrase (hehe) mean a harmonious mind, reconciliation, and smooth going. The god of harmony and good union, originally was in charge of family relationships, gradually evolved into the god of marriage. It also changed from one god to two gods, one holding a lotus and the other a treasure box. Han Shan and Shi De were officially canonized as the God of Harmony and the God of Good Union in the first year of Yongzheng rule in the Qing Dynasty. They are widely regarded as gods who bless love between husband and wife.

50 x34 cm

National Museum of History