The butterflyfish belong to the Chaetodontidae family, the beauty of all the coral reef fishes. Out of 122 species of butterflyfish worldwide, 45 are found in Taiwan. This fact gives Taiwan the reputation of being the “Kingdom of Butterflyfish.” The butterflyfish feed, rest and hide in coral reefs; as a result, most of them have small and pointed snouts as well as colorful and strongly compressed body. They are important biological indicators of coral reef health. Most butterflyfish mate for life and appear in pairs; but the exteriors of male and female are indistinguishable. Due to habitat destruction, pollution, and overfishing for food or pet purposes, the number of butterflyfish species and the total number of fishes have both decreased greatly. They are in dire need of conservation work.

Chaetodon speculum 



Chaetodon baronessa 



Chaetodon ornatissimus 


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