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Cheng Huang Ye (Patron Deity of Cities)

Tags: Cheng Huang Ye | god | print

Cheng Huang Ye is the god who protects cities and towns. Originally he was a deity of ditches and was called Shui Yong. As the years passed, he gradually became the god of cities and towns, and then a god in charge of land in the nether world, equivalent to a county magistrate of the mortal world. Various records show that Chen Huang is often a title bestowed to a person who martyred, so his status is different depending on the cities. This single-colored print portrays Chen Huang Ye sitting in the middle, with the two Zhubu judges on his sides. Written on the top right and left corners are the words “Are you here?” They seem to warn people that there is justice in the world and that evildoers will eventually be tried in front of Cheng Huang Ye.

25 x16.5 cm

National Museum of History