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Xuantian Shangdi (God of the Profound Heavens)

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Xuantian Shangdi has many names such as Zhen Wu, Xuan Wu, Zhen Wu Emperor, Xuan Wu Dadi, and Zhen Wu Dadi. He is one of the gods worshipped in Daoism. Xuan Wu originated in the worship of stars and animals in ancient times. He was thought to be a divine animal that is a winding turtle and snake, and was believed to be in charge of the northern constellations. The Daoism later worshiped the spirit of the Perfect Warrior (Zhen Wu) and produced personified Zhen Wu Dadi. The divine animal became Dadi’s bodyguards, a turtle general and a snake general. Zhen Wu Dadi is omnipotent in popular beliefs and well loved by the people.

29.5 x20.5 cm

National Museum of History