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Wenchang Dijun (Patron of Promotions and Success in Examinations)

Tags: god | print | Wenchang Dijun

Wenchang Dijun is said to be the Zhang star in heaven and came to earth continuously. After going through seventy-two reincarnations, he was then born in the Jin Dynasty with the name of Zhang Yazi. After dying in war, the Heavenly God assigned him to govern matters relevant to official positions, fortune, and literature in the mortal world. Wenchang was initially worshipped in Zitong, in Sichuan Province, and is thus also known as Zitong Dijun (Divine Lord of Zitong). His birthday falls on the third day in February on the lunar calendar. In the past, in order to attain an official position, most intellectuals would offer sacrifices and pay homage to Wenchang on this day. The literature-related industries such as the lettering workers, printers, and paper shops also worship him. Though the picture is blurry, the print is down-to-earth and the blade method tidy and clean. The colors are also good.

30.5 x21.5 cm

National Museum of History