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Zhisheng Zongshi (The Great Sage and Teacher, Confucius)

Tags: Confucius | god | print

This picture of Confucius, the Great Sage and Teacher, is worshiped in old-style village schools. In the picture, Confucius is wearing official garment and holding a tablet. On his sides stand the Four Correlates (Yan Hui, Tseng Sheng, Zisi, and Meng Ke). Pictures like this are worshiped in Confucius Temples everywhere. The strange things about it are that the face of Confucius is painted red and a pearl-tasseled crown is added to his head, making him look like Guan Gong. It’s probably due to the fact that people worship Guan Gong and Confucius both.

30.5 x20.5 cm

National Museum of History