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Bodhidharma, abbreviated Dharma, was originally named Dorodjatun Buddha. Like Sakyamuni Buddha, Dharma was a born aristocrat. He came to Guangzhou in the year of 520 (or 527) and was warmly welcomed by chief officer Hsiao On. Hsiao On introduced him to Emperor Wu of Liang, but the meeting didn’t go well. Afterwards, Bodhidharma crossed river and went northward to the Shaolin Temple in Mt. Shongshan of Henan. He meditated for nine years facing the wall. This meditation greatly influenced Buddhism in China. Dharma’s philosophy for meditation and contemplation to eliminate distracting thoughts and to attain buddhahood through sudden enlightenment was referred to as Zen. The Zen Buddhism founded by Dharma opened up a new realm of Buddhism in China.

18.5 x20 cm

National Museum of History