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Wugu Shennong (God of Farming or God of the Five Grains)

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Shennong is widely recognized as the founder of agriculture in China. There are many stories about him in ancient history books. The “Appended Remarks” of the “Book of Change” said, "On the death of Bao-xi, there arose Shennong (in his place). He fashioned wood to form the harrow, and bent wood to make the plow. The advantages of plowing and weeding were then taught to all under heaven.” Legend has it that Shennong was born on the riverside of Jiang River and used Jiang as his last name. He taught people how to cultivate five kinds of grains and invented two plowing tools, the plow and harrow, thereby launching the agricultural era of China and earning him the title of Great Emperor of Agriculture. He discovered how to make daily utensils such as pottery, bottles, and jars; they may be the earliest earthenware. Moreover, he tasted hundreds of herbs, creating medicines that cured diseases and kept people healthy. He promoted trade practices in markets which improved lives of ancient people and advanced Chinese civilization. Shennong is worshipped by farmers as the founder of their profession. He is also worshipped by the rice merchants in Taiwan and enthroned as God of the Five Grains.

29.5 x20 cm

National Museum of History

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