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War Canoe

Tags: canoe | craft

The war canoe made by the Maori in New Zealand is the largest in the world. It was built in 1940 in remembrance of the centenary signing of Waitangi Treaty. Its design, material and construction method are exactly the same as canoes the Maori build. The canoe is made of three large trees, one for the main body, one for the front and tail, and another for the poles and sides of the boat. The whole length of the canoe is 35 meters, allowing it to accommodate 80 paddlers. This canoe sails in the river every year on the anniversary that they signed the Waitangi Treaty. This canoe model was bought by the chief engineer of Evergreen Shipping Company, Ming-De, Chou, from New Zealand and donated to our museum for exhibition.

Text and images are provided by Tamkang University Maritime Museum