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Reforestation Project of Ling-Tyan Mountain Forest, Ilan

Tags: documents | Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp

The Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation shoulders the mission of being a long-term supplier of newsprint paper. In order to have a stable supply of paper-making materials, it received the permission from the Taiwan Provincial Government to encourage Ilan and Lotung residents to plant pine trees and then let the Lotung Paper Mill acquire the trees. Additionally, it took the initiative to conduct the tree-planting business. In the Ling-Tyan Mountain Forest in Ilan, it planted trees that can supply the raw materials for making pulps. It also tested different kinds of trees to see which kind is more suitable for making paper. This program is about the documents on how the Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corporation, planning to grow Eucalyptus and Pinus in the Ling-Tyan Mountain Forest, asked the Chutung Forest District Office to give or sell to the company these two kinds of seeds. The Forestry Bureau of Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Taiwan Provincial Government, subsequently agreed to let the Chutung Forest District Office to either give or sell Eucalyptus seeds to Chung Hsing. However, due to the poor harvests that year, the seeds of Pinus could not be provided. The documents give a glimpse of Chung Hsing’s historical effort to actively cultivate trees that can supply papermaking material. They also demonstrated how the company used its status as a provincial public utility to request another provincial organization such as the Forestry Bureau to provide planting technology and plant seeds for the research and development of paper making material. 


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