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Minutes of First Executive Board Meeting of Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp.

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The Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp., is formerly known as the “Taiwan Hsin-Yeh Co., Ltd.” which was established in the 7th years of Taisho (1919) under the Japanese colonial period. After World War II, the National Government took over and founded the "Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation." When the Corporation was to go private, no private companies were interested in manufacturing the newsprint paper since they saw non profit (in them) due to the government’s low-cost policy for newsprint paper. As a result, the equipments used in making newsprint paper had to be set aside and a separate “Taiwan Chung Hsing Paper Corp.” was founded on November 7, 1958. It was run jointly by the national and provincial governments. This program is about the conference record of the first Executive Board conference on December 16, 1959 when the company was one year old. It talked about how the company, in its preparatory period, formulated the direction of its business development and planned for its take over of the personnel, business and equipments of the Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation. It offered a glimpse of the company’s business promotion profile in the early days of its creation. The document is divided into two broad categories of report and discussion. The part of report mainly concerned with budget allocation in 1959 and 1960, operation scenario in 1959, supply situation of papermaking material, and the collaboration terms (undertaken from the Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation) with the Taiwan Paper Industry Association to encourage export. The part of discussion was about amending and passing the bill which stipulates that the Sale Department should decentralize the responsibility of sales; permitting and signing the agreement, at the urge of the Supply Bureau of Taiwan Provincial Government, to participate in the registration of exporting paper material and joint use of foreign exchanges; the decisions on paying the employees the same rates as "Taiwan Pulp & Paper Corporation” in the preparatory period and for the Executive Board to convene conferences every other Wednesday. 


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