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Official Seals of Kaohsiung Ammonium Sulfate Co., Ltd.

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The predecessor of Kaohsiung Ammonium Sulfate Co., Ltd. was located in Hanyang County, Hubei Province and belonged to the Bureau of Ordnance, Ministry of National Defense. The factory manufactured gunpowder and ammonium sulfate fertilizer. Dr. Huang Chao-hui was its manager. When Mainland China was falling under the control of the (Chinese) Communists, the plant equipments as a whole were shipped to Kaohsiung in April, 1949. This Program is about Kaohsiung Ammonium Sulfate Co., Ltd. requesting in a letter to Taiwan Manufacturing Industry Management Committee to grant official seals; submitting the dates when these seals were first used and submitting related documents when the seals were returned with truncated corners; filling the “Seals Application or Renewal Form for Taiwan Provincial Government and Affiliated Agencies” to send to Taiwan Provincial Government for permission; etc. 


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Taiwan Industrial and Economic Documents Digital Archives Program II. Kaohsiung Ammonium Sulfate Co., Ltd.