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Human-Shaped Bronze Lamp

Tags: bronzes | craft | lamp

This Bronze Human-Shaped Oil Lamp has three unique characteristics in its shape, color, and expression. The “shape” refers to its horizontal lamp body and the vertical servant with kneel-down position. Although the horizontal and vertical compositions is simple, the curvature of the lamp side in addition to the curved line connecting the lamp to the human body results in an interesting combination of solidness and fluidity. The “color” refers to the bronze, after years of exposure, displays a span of vivid colors and deep luster. From the servant’s teeth-gritting mouth and strenuous expression, one can comprehend the hardships of servants in ancient times who had to hold lamps throughout long nights to wait on masters. This Bronze Human-Shaped Oil Lamp is exceptional in its material, shape and form, and casting work. In its stillness, the design implies motion; it has the everlasting beauty of balance. 


National Museum of History