Yellow satin robe, with embroidered polychrome dragon design

Tags: clothing | Qing dynasty

In the Qing Dynasty the dress code was very strict. Clothing and hats were strictly regulated and could not be altered. The emperor had the honor of “Nine-Five”, therefore, his dragon robe is embroidered with nine golden dragons. If you look carefully, there are dragons embroidered on the chest, back and both sleeves. There are also four splits, on the connection of each there is a dragon in profile. Another dragon in profile was hidden on the bottom inside of the lapel. The tradition of the emperor wearing a dragon robe probably started in the Tang dynasty Since the Sui and the Tang, bright yellow is the most royal color. Anyone who wore yellow besides the emperor, the queen or the prince would be sentenced to death. As for the decoration, only the five clawed dragons could be used by the emperor and queen. The prince and those ranked under the emperor could only use a dragon that has four or three claws.This yellow silk dragon robe has dragons embroidered on the collar and sleeve. Designs of the eight good omens, long life and the five colored auspicious clouds are spread all over the dragon robe, so it is both royal and lucky. Emperors wore it daily for the ‘Morning Audience, when they ceremonially met with all the ministers of the kingdom.

National Museum of History