Emerald-green jadeite belt buckle

Tags: accessory | jade | Qing dynasty

Belt Buckle
10x3.5 cm
Qing Dynasty

This emerald belt buckle is chiselled out from one piece of chrysoprase. This work is entirely in fresh green, with some white spots. A decoration of Qing royal family, this work has smooth and temperate quality and is carved with excellent skills. The hardness of emerald is about6.5 to 7. This work is entirely carved with openwork technique. On this belt buckle we can see the carving of two hornless dragons, signifying dragon teaching their offsprings as well as the achievement of the descendants. The body of the dragon hovers among the clouds; its mouth biting auspicious mushroom and Ruyi patterns, emitting power and vitality. The openwork is done with excellent skill; the lines are natural and intricate details contain momentum nonetheless. The artisan's technique is alive with the carving. The polishing of this work is done in an excellent way, fully presents the diaphanous quality of the jade. This premium work of jade is originally an heirloom of Mr. Chou Shu-sen, an ex-legislator of ROC. Believing that a work of art is the common heritage of all, Mr. Chou donates this work to the National Museum of History as permanent collection. This belt buckle is an important work for the study of Qing jade carvings.


National Museum of History