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Emerald-green jadeite thumb ring

Tags: accessory | jade | Qing dynasty

This emerald ring is a man's ornament. In ancient Chinese, people wear a ring-like artifact on the right thumb to pull the bowstring. Later it evolves into artifacts shapes as tubes and made by jade. After the middle of Qing Dynasty, men from higher social class will wear this kind of ring and use it to stop their sleeves and exhibit a self-pleased attitude. This custom withers with the establishment of ROC. The quality of this emerald ring belongs to the higher category of emerald; it is entirely dark green and diaphanous. It is large but its color temperate and smooth. A kind of glass emerald of Lao Keng, this artifact is a rare and exquisite work of art. 

Archer's Ring
Length: 2.6 cm
Diameter: 3.2 cm
Diameter of the hole: 2 cm
Qing Dynasty

National Museum of History