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Blade-shaped jade tally, carved with the mythological beast Chi-lin

Tags: jade | Sui dynasty

The production of Ling Fu can be traced to Sui Dynasty. The historical record runs like this: Emperor Yang wanted to visit Liao-don, so he commanded Weihon to guard the capital and Fan Zhi-gai to guard the east; to both he bestowed a jade Ling in place of bronze animal. From this record we can gather that jade Ling is a symbol of warrant first appeared in Sui Dynasty. Made from white jade, this artifact is shaped as a dagger and carved with deer patterns. A handicraft of Sui Dynasty, this Ling Fu shows delicate skill and diaphanous quality; it is a rare treasure of its kind. 

Jade Ling Fu
16.5x4.9 cm
Sui Dynasty

National Museum of History