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Jade Jue

Tags: accessory | jade

The color of this cylinder shaped jade ring is greenish yellow, but turns brownish black after becoming wet. This pair of cylinder shaped jade rings, has a smooth and straight circular hole in the center, and indentations on the side of the implement that are wide outside and narrow inside. The whole jade ring was relief carved with the a vicious dragon and cloud. Bright eyes were engraved with the oblique wide lines design. The open mouthed dragon head was engraved with a thin feather design, and there is a hollow scale design on the curled nose. The design and decoration are delicate and exquisite and the manufactured design is classic and gracious. It can be called the essence of the jade of the Plains in the Spring and Autumn period. This pair of jade rings was unearthed from the tombs of the Wei Lords, Liuli Chamber, Hui County, Henan Province; they might have been favorite rings often worn by the person buried in the tomb before death, which is perhaps why it was buried with the owner. According to the archaeological data, jade rings were first used as earrings but later were pinned on the clothes as another kind of jewelry. They gradually became a carrying ornament later. 

National Museum of History