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Bronze money molds

Tags: bronzes | currency

When Wong Mang was the throne, there were too many different currencies, causing inconvenience. In total there were four currency unifications. The one that lasted the longest was “Daquanwushi”. It is likely that “Daquanwushi”, the copper currency invented in New Mang period, first came into use in the first year of Mang's governance. The coins were under the administration of each regional governor. There's a straight trough in the middle of the coin mold and a cave for making 5 coins on each side of the trough. Smaller troughts for each coin plot are connected to the middle trough. This mold is for making coins of 2.7cm in diameter with a square-shape hole in the middle that's 0.9 centimeter long. The front side of the mold was engraved with “Daquanwushi” in Daquan calligraphic print, engraved backwards. The other side has no inscription. The mold for making coins was carefully designed, and fitted together well. The ingtaglio was precisely estimated, contributing to the beautifully-made coins of the time.


National Museum of History