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Animal-shaped brazier stand

Tags: bronzes | figurine | tomb

The body of this bronze beast is short and small, in relation to which its head is very big, making it look like an extraterrestrial. Not only does it look ferocious, but both of its eyes open round and big, and it is showing giant teeth, making it all the more fierce. The lips are thick enough to be right up to its nose, and there are clear scales between the nose and forehead. Next, let us look at the body of the tomb guardian beast. There is a belly button that is painted with thin lines on its round belly, and two small nipples sticking out of the chest. A thin layer of skin covers both sides of the body, extending all the way to the back of the buttocks, and the beast is standing, its two feet forming a base.The hands and legs of the tomb guardian beast are short and small. There are three claws on the front and one claw at the back. Both legs are standing on a curly and scaly large dragon, which is a reptile that looks like a dragon or lizard. Even though the neck of the captured dragon is stiff, the head is held up high with the body hovering. It has shaped the sturdy base and center for the tomb guardian beast.The ears of the tomb guardian beast curl up in the style of a snake, tightly holding on to a pair of S-shaped objects, and a neat and functional spatial combination is formed with the striped objects held in both hands. 

National Museum of History