Hu with hunting motive pattern filled-in lacquer

Tags: jug | Shang dynasty

After this type of jug appeared in the middle of Shang Dynasty, it served as the primary implement for wine until the Qin-Han period. Many highly creative designs that reflected human activity, such as drinking wine, listening to music, dancing, hunting, fighting also began to appear on the jugs in the Spring and Autumn period. This jug with a hunting design that you see in front of you is typical of the beautiful round jugs of the Warring States period, with its round body, small mouth, long, thin neck, spherical belly, and the ring placed fairly on its bottom. The jug is divided evenly into four sections by a twisted rope design from top to bottom, and each section is decorated in a design with a hunting theme, the so-called hunting design, which is the most special feature of the entire implement. In order to lay emphasis on the graphic effect, this hunting themed jug was painted with black lacquer, in the same way as wooden lacquer implements. The steps involved are bottoming, painting and coloring. Apart from looking nice, this also protects the surface of the utensils.

National Museum of History