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Tri-colored glazed pottery, camel

Tags: figurine | pottery | Tang dynasty

This tricolor camel is based in white and glazed in tricolor. Its torso hollow, it stands on a rectangular plate. Its head lifted, its eyes fully open, the camel opens its mouth and poses in neighing posture. Its body is strong with particularly long limbs. Carrying no cargo, it bears two humps, the former leaning to the left while the latter to the right. The body is glazed in light yellow; the head, the neck, the two humps, and the long hair on the limbs are glazed in dark yellow. The middle of the blanket is glazed in white, mixed with some yellow glaze dripped from the humps. The edge of the blanket is glazed in green, some of the glaze dripped to the stomach. The long tail of the camel sticks to the left thigh. Its hoofs are not glazed, but the entire artifact emits strong vitality.

National Museum of History