Ceramic plate and eight different fruits

Tags: Chen Mingyuan | Ching Dynasty | Ming dynasty | pottery

Chen Mingyuan was a famous pottery maker in Yixin, Jiangsu Province at the end of the Ming and beginning of the Qing dynasty. His craftsmanship, style, sculpting, carving and coloring were outstanding. He was one of the masters in the history of purple clay craftsmanship. It is said that he inherited the essence of the Ming dynasty, and created the style of Qing. Purple clay pottery was produced in Yixin, Jiangsu Province. It generally is called Yixin pottery. Yixinzheng was famous for making pottery long since the Qin and Han dynasties; it mainly fired green porcelain from Jin-Tang to The Five Dynasties. During the Song and Yuan dynasties, the Yixin pottery center changed over to firing purple clay pottery. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the pottery center of the nation, famous overseas for its clay kettles. This purple clay willow basket with eight fruits is an enjoyable example of table art. It was made by pinching and molding, and the style is exquisite and delicate. Even though the theme of the artwork was the fruits of daily life, nevertheless, it is full of gracious humanity.


National Museum of History