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Banpo painted pottery vase with pointed bottom

Tags: Banpo | Neolithic | pottery

This implement is a jug with double ears and a pointed bottom. The Banpo Culture site is located in Banpo village, Xian, Shenxi. It was a culture of the early Neolithic Age, which occurred about 6,000 years ago. Banpo pottery is mainly colored red and reddish brown and decorated with geometric designs or a ring of black paint around the opening of the pot.
The jug is made of a thick and durable material. It is colored light red and was used to store water. The body of the jug is shaped like an olive to keep the center of gravity of its pointed bottom in the middle. Plunging the jug in the water enabled it to be filled easily. Ropes could be attached to the jug's two ears for easy transport. The body of the jug has a linear texture so that it would not feel slippery when held. Its overall design is very practical.



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