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Hexagon-shaped pillow with floral

Tags: Kitan | Liao dynasty | porcelain | pottery

The Liao was a governing body established by the nomadic Kitan tribe. After they were assimilated by the Han, their lifestyle changed, and their need for the pottery and porcelain increased. This Liao porcelain continued the manufacturing style and tradition of the painted pottery of Tang This hexagon painted pottery pillow is shaped like a ladder. The wall of the pillow has a green floral design, with a contrasting black background of yellow flowers and white trim. With a few simple strokes it brings out its elegance and grace. In addition, the ivory white refurnishing the bottom corners between the yellow trim on the sides of the pillow and the black on the face adds a lively feeling. The bottom of the porcelain pillow does not have glaze, however, along the edge of the object you can see eight pink burnt nails. The clay quality of this porcelain pillow is soft and smooth, with a thin layer of engobe. At the back wall the pillow has a small hole to prevent cracking when firing. The same technique can be seen on the hexagon pillow from the Jin dynasty, therefore, this porcelain pillow might be the from the end of the period spanning the Liao to the Jin.


National Museum of History