Hsiang-Yang Destroyer

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  .Length:376 ft. 6 in.
.Width:40 ft. 10 in.
.Max. Speed:34 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:15 kts.  
.Draft:19 ft.   
.Displacement:3,320 tons(maximum)
                           2,200 tons (standard)


DDG-901 was the ex-USS Brush, DD-745, the Sumner-class destroyer, laid down by Bethlehem Steel, Staten Island, NY. on July 30, 1943, launched on December 28, 1943 and commissioned on April 17, 1944. Stricken on October 27, 1969 and  transferred to ROC Navy on December 9, 1969, commissioned on February 1, 1970 and renamed as Hsiang-Yang with the hull number DD-1.

The mission of DD-1 was patrolling the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore-islands-support-and-supply, task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the Navy force built-up and fleet combat readiness, secure the safety of Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. Finally, the DDG-901 Hsiang-Yang was decommissioned on September 1, 1985 due to seriously damaged main engines and aging ship structure.

DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang assigned as the flagship of Midshipman Cruise Training in 1971.

The midshipmen participated the Cruise Training in 1971 onboard of DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang.

DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang opened for the public at Guam.

Admiral Sung, Charng-Chih, the Commander-In-Chief boarded DD-1, OCS Hsiang-Yang and reviewed the Fleet at sea.

Admiral Sung, Charng-Chih, the Commander-In-Chief boarded DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang accompanied by the officials of Executive Yuan.

The Executive Officer of DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang delivered a briefing to the senior officer.



I was assigned as the Operation Officer at DD-1 in 1976, and the complement are around 300 crews with officers. DD-1 was executing the last allied sea exercise with the US Navy for one week. Though it was not a long-time exercise, all the members and crew are working very hard to pursuit the honor. Everyone on the DD-1 was devoting himself for AAW (Anti-Air Warfare), ASuW(Anti-Surface Warfare) , and ASW(Anti-Submarine Warfare)  exercise, and we all think that was worth it.

I still remembered that there was one time we were patrolling at certain area, there was a Mainland Chinese fishing boat crossing the mid-line of Taiwan Strait, and they would not leave even we warned them. Therefore, we ask all the Mainland China fishermen to get onboard to witness Taiwan wealth and happiness. All the crews think that was a very successful task to persuade the Mainland China fishermen without using any force.

Mr. Tsao, Yu-Min
served as Operation Officer at DD-1 from 1976 to 1977.

The DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang sailed at sea.

The Navy Council of Women visited the crews of DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang.

The civilian organization visited DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang.

The DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang sailed at sea.

Admiral Chou Chian, the Commander-In-Chief boarded and reviewed DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang.

Rear Admiral Wang,Rear Admiral Wang, the Flotilla Commander held the personnel inspection of DD-1, ROCS Hsiang-Yang.


Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)