Han-Yang Destroyer

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   .Length:348 ft. 2 in.
.Width:36 ft. 1 in.
.Max. Speed:33 kts.  
.Eco. Speed:15 kts.  
.Draft:18 ft.   
.Displacement: 2,575 tons (maximum)
                           1,620 tons (standard)


DD-15 was the ex-USS Jones, the Benson-class destroyer, DD-427, laid down by Charleston Navy Yard, S.C. on May 16, 1938, launched on December 14, 1939 and commissioned on September 7, 1940. USS Jones was under the command of the Atlantic Fleet, USN and has participated in the World War II with great achievement. USS Jones was later transferred to ROC Navy and commissioned on February 26, 1954 and renamed as Han-Yang with the hull number DD-15. DD-15 Han-Yang was under the command of Destroyer Flotilla, ROC Navy.

The mission of DD-15 was patrolling the Taiwan Strait and surrounding waters to convoy offshore islands support and supply, task flotilla and various missions. She played an important role on the safety of Taiwan Strait and Maritime communications. Due to the great condition and capabilities of DD-15, she was assigned as the flagship of the President several times and tasks to the offshore islands for dignitary. DD-15 also executes many allied exercises with USN. Finally, the DD-15 Han-Yang was ordered to decommission on January 5, 1975.

The photograph of ship-transferring crews at the US Navy Base.

DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang.


In 1954, US government loaned the ex-USS Jones, DD-427 to ROC Navy and I was one of the transferring crew to US for training. At the end of February, 1954, we boarded DD-427 at Norfolk, VA. and then received ship-transferred training. In August, 1954, we safely sailed the destroyer back to Tsoying Naval Base, Kaohsiung.

Then, DD-15, Han-Yang was one of the fist destroyer transferred from US Navy, therefore, all the crew on board owned highly honors and responsibilities. For the example of the engineering department, after DD-15 was launched for more than 10 years, the maximum speed could be as high as 31 knots because we work very hard to maintain and repair the equipment. Due to the fast speed and good training, we were assigned as the boarding ship for the President Chiang, Kai-Shei. During the Kinmen bombing on August 23, 1958, DD-15 was ordered to convoy the supply and transport task group to the offshore island and accomplish the mission successfully.

Mr. Shi, Yun-Ke
served as the boiler petty officer at DD-15 from 1954 to 1967


The photograph of officers of General Chiefs of Staff, MND at DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang.

Vice Admiral Cheng, the Fleet Commander boarded and reviewed DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang.

 The officers and crew of DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang were highly motivated to be inspected.


The DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang expressed the combat readiness and great morale during the visit of the foreign officials.

The DD-15, ROCS Han-Yang manned the maintenance bill for inspection.

The DDG-915, ROCS Han-Yang participated and won the ships night combat training competition.


Text and images are provided by R.O.C Naval Academy ( Navy Memorial Digital Archives – Yang Class Destroyers)