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Monthly and Seasonal Records of Military Supplies from the Kuang-ti South Platoon in the Yung-yuan EraA27

Tags: documents | Han dynasty

This is the best-preserved and most complete wooden slip text extant, with the wooden pieces, strings, and ink all mostly intact. The slips are made with four lengths of strings and seventy-seven wooden slips. Other than two blank slips, the rest of the slips show five monthly and seasonal reports about the number and condition of the pots, mortars, crossbows, arrows, and other equipment of the P'o-hu and Ch'ien-shang beacon stations belonging to the Kuang-ti South Platoon. This set of wooden slips not only allows us to understand how the Han made wooden texts, but also what kind of equipment was available at the border and how it was regularly checked.

A27 Tsakhortei, Edsen-gol, Inner Mongolia. Length 23.8,width 91.0 cm.


Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
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