The making of 3D Interactive imaging and virtual reality of violins

Tags: violin | virtual reality

This technique is jointly developed by Dr. Chu-Song Chen, head of the Image & Media Processing Laboratory, and Prof. Yi-Ping Hung at the Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, National Taiwan University. Combining three-dimensional computer vision technology and virtual reality domain, through the display technology of image-based and highly realistic virtual environment from computer graphics, it provides viewers with photorealistic visual effects when they look at the virtual scenes. In addition, by way of real-time interaction, users can become immersed in the computer generated environment.

Currently several national museums, such as the National Palace Museum and National Museum of History, are utilizing this technique to carry out their Digital Archives projects. The Digital Violin Archive Project of Chi Mei Museum will use the latest Web browser version of the technique to build a virtual violin museum online. Dr. Chun-Rong Huang of the Image & Media Processing Laboratory will be in charge of related works.

The Project has finished photo shoots of 31 violins at Chi Mei Museum; and pictures of the Museum were taken to be used as scenes in the virtual reality. After several months of post-production work, the 3D interactive images on 13 violins were completed. The online virtual exhibition is designed to have two separate scenes that showcase 11 representatives from the Golden Age of Cremonan violin making.



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