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Taipei Bridge over Tamsui River

Tags: art | painting | Wang Shui-King

Wang Shui-King (1918–1985), 1945

Oil painting, 51 x 51.5 cm


A native of Manka, Wang Shui-King specialized in window advertising and interior design for jewelry stores and boutiques when he was young. He learned painting from experienced painters such as Li Shi-Qiao and Yang San-Lang. In 1949, his work was selected to the Fourth Taiwan Art Exhibition; for three consecutive years afterward, Wang placed either second or third in the competition's special Chairman Award. In 1953, he won the honor that exempted him from going through the screening process when presenting work at the exhibition. Wang completed the Taipei Bridge over Tamsui River when he was 27. Using classical, sophisticated brushstrokes and shades of warm yellow, Wang depicted the scene of Tamsui River during sunset with factory chimneys lining Sanchongpu and sailboats scattering on the river. With full color and compact structure, this work displays a scene from the heydays of Sanchongpu and Dadaochen ports and takes a viewer back to the Taipei riverside in the 1940s and 50s.

Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing, Shih Hsin University Digital archiving project of the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

Original Chinese text is composed by Professor Cheng-Ming Su, Department of Visual Arts, Taipei Municipal University of Education