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Spring of Tamsui

Tags: art | Ho Chao-Chu | painting

Ho Chao-Chu (1931–), 1994
Oil painting, 61.5 x 74 cm


Born in Hsinchu as the son of a Buddha painting artist, Ho Chao-Chu’s bond with painting goes way back to his childhood. Wars, harsh years and Japanese style education have contributed to his hardworking and frugal personality. After graduating from Taipei Normal School, Ho worked as a teacher of fine arts. By reading books and picture albums, he gets inspiration for innovative ideas; by visiting the world’s famous museums and galleries, he acquires experiences that would enrich his works. The Spring of Tamsui is a 1994 work, done when Ho was 63. The painter applied large blocks and bright colors to divide the canvas; strong brushstrokes and distinguished colors render a magnificent air to the painting. The composition of points, lines and surface gives life to the work, permeating tropical sunshine and local atmosphere of Taiwan. Influenced by the use of fragmented and geometric structures of Picasso Cubism, Ho turns landscapes into abstract pieces and filled them with patches of color, and develops the approach into his personal painting style.


Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing, Shih Hsin University Digital archiving project of the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines

Original Chinese text is composed by Professor Cheng-Ming Su, Department of Visual Arts, Taipei Municipal University of Education