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Tamsui Landscape

Tags: art | Chang Ping-Tang | painting

Chang Ping-Tang (1928–)
Oil painting, 71.5 x 89.5 cm

Born in Tainan, Chang Ping-Tang grew up during the wartime at the old street of Kuayuanjing, where artists and literati gathered. As a child, he emulated painters such as Liao Ji-Chun and Yen Shui-Long, and taught himself painting. At the age of 15, his work was selected to the Governor's Art Exhibition (Fujan). Subsequently, he received artistic training from Fauvist painter Kuo Po-chuan. Tamsui Landscape is an oil painting with a bird’s-eye view of the town. Rhythmic brushstrokes move freely and boldly to comprise the main structure of the composition. Painted in bright primary colors, the dazzling sky and red church leave an impression on the audience. Chang mentioned before, “I do not like to ruin the original beauty of paints; I love painting with primary colors, using strong colors and dynamic lines to spark the vigor of life.” He often utilizes fluorescent colors unique to Taiwan on the temples and townships he paints, which shows the influence of semi-Cubism and Fauvism.

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Original Chinese text is composed by Professor Cheng-Ming Su, Department of Visual Arts, Taipei Municipal University of Education