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Headdress of Amis People

Tags: Amis | clothing | headdress

Acquired by Li, Yih-yuan (1957, Kuangfu, Hualian County) 
Collected by Museum of Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

The headdress was weaved in a simple fashion, featuring spiral patterns and joint seaming techniques. On the front, there are two wild boar teeth. The top of the headdress is circled with bent bamboo slices that are wound around with red floss. Sixteen feathers of pheasants are stuck in around the top. The tip of every feather was inserted with balls of yarn made of white young pheasant feathers. The back of the headdress was decorated by teeth in a fan shape row. In addition, five feathers were arranged upright, fastened and wound with red floss.