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Taiwan Church News related picturesThomas Barclay
Rev. Barclay, the founder of Taiwan Prefectural Church News, was born into a Church family in Glasgow, Scotland. At even an early age, he displayed a sharp intellect, and his academic career proved to be outstanding. In 1864, he enrolled at the University of Glasgow where he specialized in sciences as diverse as mathematics and electrical engineering. During his time at Glasgow, he was even able to leave his a mark in the Britannica Encyclopedia, becoming one of the most respected people of his age. In his 87 years of life, he devoted 60 years to Taiwan. Taiwan Church News is now a weekly publication offering comprehensive content on a wide range of contemporary issues, and it has always played a significant role in the island’s church community. Today, the newspaper still owes its achievement to the great Rev. Barclay.
Taiwan Church News Vernacular Literature Digital Archives Program(1885-1969)