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Pale rose-toned jacquard satin with floral design and black satin trimming
Late Qing Dynasty (1860~1890’s)
Length: 86 cm
Width: 91 cm
This garment is a Chinese vest, a type of casual wear from the Qing Dynasty. Rounded at the neck, with the right diagonal lapel overlapping the left, the vest consists of five slits of the same length. Aside from the broad loose sleeves, this garment has two 21.5-cm side slits,each with two worm embroidery at the top for reinforcement.
The vest is made of pink jacquard silk  and lined with shaded blue floral satin silk. Surrounding the central piece of fabric is a broad edging made of plain black satin with facings of white fabric threaded with colorful floral and butterfly motifs. Near the slis are sewn patterns of waving clouds. Floral appliqué and other patterns which symbolize bliss and auspiciousness can be found on the black satin edging. The four bottom hems of the garment are stitched with the same tragopan and floral motifs, adorned with four pairs of gilt bronze buttons with floral carvings. Different from the usually undecorated inner placket, this garment bears exquisite embroidery patterns. This garment employs a masterful brilliance of delicate weaving skills achieves an overall tone that is elegant and refined.